Who are we

Who are we

April 14, 2018

After two long years of dreaming about this, I am so excited to finally share my brand design for clothes with you guys. Wotzel is a collection of products I created working with my amazing team in our lab to design the perfect ‘Brand look’. I can’t wait to see how beautiful everyone is going to look. Use the hashtag #wotzel to share your photos with us.

More than a shop, Wotzel is a lifestyle. Based on the idea of elevated living, Wotzel combines minimal design and classic sensibility to create something different. Good is not good enough for the Wotzel community. The one thing that ties us all together is that we hold ourselves and our work to the highest standards. We make, buy, eat, drink, say, and do #onlygreatthings.

From our early days of designing day and night to our current retail project coming soon, Wotzel has become an arbiter of taste and a destination for the design-minded. Offering an edited selection of apparel, Wotzel has been dubbed "a minimalist's dream come true".

Ismael Wotzel founded Wotzel in 2018. We have a team of people who have over 12 years of experience in retail and design, a masters degree in marketing and brand management, and a thorough understanding of the modern retail climate. With this team, Wotzel approach to retail has manifested in project-based shopping experiments, allowing the brand to adapt, break rules, and relentlessly set standards for excellence in the industry.

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